What are the components of database system

Thursday, March 19, 2020


What are the components of database system

What are the components of database system

There are different component of DBMS as listed below
1) Data Definition Language
2) Data Manipulation Language
3) Query Language
4) Report Generator
5) Application Generator
6) User Interface

Data Definition Language
I) Data Definition Language is used to define structure of database and its co
2) The Data dictionary or directory contains information of the definition,
and other details of the data in the data base.

Data Manipulation Language
I) the Data Manipulation Language (DML) enables the programmer to add, modify,
update and retrieve data
2) It also has other facilities such as sorting indexing, etc

Query language
I) The Query language enable the user of the database to make required queres from
the database in simple language.
2) It has commands for retrieval of information.

Report Generator
1) In report. data may represent using the graphs. Picture, maps and other forms that
can help in improving comprehension.
2) The requirements for generation of reports from the database are different in
different applications

Application Generator
Most of the DBMS packages include programming facilities available in the fourth
generation language.
2) These languages have limited hut very powerful commands that are useful for
developing applications.

User Interface
1) The user interface is a window that provides the environment for interaction of a
user with the database.
2) The user interface, in the modern DBMS packages is quite user friendly and makes
Use of graphic icons to identify the operations. User can click on these icons to
perform different operations.