See how beautiful Archie looks now

Sunday, December 1, 2019


See how beautiful Archie looks now

Sairaat :It has been almost three-and-a-half years now, but the turn around of the film and its role has not diminished. What's more, the craze of this movie is still intact. Many people watch this movie over and over again, and the number of people watching Sairaat's songs on YouTube is increasing day by day. The movie 'Sairaat' was released on April 29. After the release of the film, not only in Maharashtra but throughout the country. It was the only Marathi film with a business worth Rs 1 crore in Marathi cinema. As the film became popular, the actors in the film became very popular.

Each actor played his role in the movie Sairaat. Everyone had acted in the same way. But Archie and Parshya are the actors who lost the most emotion in the film. People had taken Archie and the Pharshya's head off. Archie in this movie is Rinku Rajguru. Rinku received the National Award for the film Sairaat. This made her even more famous. Ask Rinku what it's like to be a star overnight, the craze for her name hasn't diminished yet. Rinku regularly uploads photos on social media. Looking at her photos now, many may be wondering why this is exactly Archie in Sarat. She and Janhvi Kapoor met a few days ago. The two shared a photo of the visit on Instagram. This photo went viral on social media.