Earn daily upto 100 dollar and 200 dollar from ClicksFly URL shortner

Thursday, November 14, 2019

How to produce associate degree Account in ClicksFly?
Click the “My Account” tab within the upper-right aspect in the home page. click the register . you may see an easy type with four fields that you just got to fill - username - email address - positive identification - ensure the password. check for terms&conditions;  click on the “submit".  Your account is open and you are already logg in! Shorten&Share; get cash.
Earn daily upto 100 dollar and 200 dollar from ClicksFly URL shortner

How to Shortening a link?
When on home page or on the other subpage you may see our link agent box. - yes, that’s the long, white box. merely paste or kind your long link and click on “shorten”. currently you'll copy your short link or shorten another link. all of your links are obtainable in “statistics”

How to Sharing a link Manually?
Simply attend manage links > all links. copy any short link that you just want to share and paste it where you would like - as an example - twitter, facebook, WhatsApp, blogs, own websites.

Referrals / Affilation
Sharing your short links isn't the sole thanks to earn cash with ClicksFly. you'll conjointly invite new users. for every invited user you may receive thirty fifth of their earnings. attend the “referrals” tab, share your referral link with one click - on forums, Twitter, G+, Facebook, WhatsApp a lot of...!

How to setup page Script in your diary or Website?
Pure magic - our page script can remodel all of your links into the ClicksFly form. Copy the code and paste it to the body section of your hypertext markup language code. you'll embody or exclude the domains that you just need to shorten. simple peasy!

How to Withdrawal in ClicksFly?
As our active user you may need to withdraw the money you’ve attained. keep in mind - so as to withdraw your cash your profile should be absolutely completed. If not - you'll do that anytime. Fill all the fields. Save your details and watch for the transfer.  Minimum withdrawal is $5 for Paytm, $50 for Bank Transfer and $5 for Paypal.