Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar written update day 59: Paras-Mahira receive least votes but Devoleena exits the house, sings Ye Dosti as she hugs Rashami

Saturday, November 30, 2019

It was a surprising episode on weekday for Bigg Boss thirteen housemates further as fans of the show as Salman Khan proclaimed the exit of Devoleena Bhattacharjee from the show.
Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar written update day 59: Paras-Mahira receive least votes but Devoleena exits the house, sings Ye Dosti as she hugs Rashami

Here are the highest highlights of tonight’s episode:

The episode began as Bigg Boss proclaimed that the season had become the simplest of all seasons and congratulated the housemates. Bigg Boss additionally declared that the season has been extended for 5 weeks and can prolong until Gregorian calendar month.

Soon, Bigg Boss known as Rashami Desai and Vishal Hindu deity Singh to the confession space and chided them for stealing alimentary paste. They were asked to tell the housemates of their act and additionally that the posh overhead are going to be came back back to the shop space. throughout the discussion, Vishal and Sidharth Shukla bolted horns over use of abusive words. It all over with Sidharth asking Vishal to scrub all the utensils. once he denied, Sidharth told him that he's the captain and so he can assign duties.

“Ye kya tareeka hai baat karne ka? (What is that this approach of talking?)” Vishal interrupted and aforementioned, “Ladte kyu nahi? (Why don’t you fight for yourself?)”

Few moments later, Sidharth known as Rashami “fries chor”. once replying back to him, Rashami talked to camera and aforementioned ‘Chaar alimentary paste kha liya to itna bol raha hai, dekh lo (Just investigate him, I Ate four alimentary paste and he has been occurring and on.)!”

Vishal told Sidharth, “Petticoat shirt pehen lo, acche lagoge (Wear a undergarment and shirt, you may look nice.).”

Salman shocked Sidharth with a sudden  presence on the TV within the house and gave him a dose of his own angle and talked to him during a tone that the TV actor usually uses. Salman suggested him to continuously lie just in case he had a fight with anyone.

The caller of the week raiseed Sidharth that Asim was known as your chela and once the fight you visited Paras and ask him for everything. Sidharth replied that such wasn't the case.

Salman then told Sidharth that everybody sacrificed their own safety and created him the captain. He congratulated Sidharth for constant.

“If i'm the raja, Takht palatne ki koshish Vishal kar sakta hai thus he's Wazir (If i'm the king, nobody will overturn the throne however if there's one one who can strive, it's to be Vishal),” Sidharth aforementioned concerning selecting his wazir.

Before asserting the ghoda, Sidharth additionally aforementioned, “Pehle Rashami mujhe wazir lagti thi, however kabhi bani nahi (Earlier i believed Rashami is wazir but she ne'er got there).

Salman presently told the housemates that Mahira and Paras have gotten the smallest amount range of votes. once the announcement, Paras aforementioned that it'll be ridiculous if Mahira or Paras leave the show currently.

Salman then welcome lead stars of Associate in Nursing future show on colours, Shubharambh, Akshit Sukhija and Mahima Makwana. They introduced the Shubharambh task.

Shehnaaz aforementioned she would really like to start enmity with Asim as he picks non problems for fights. Sidharth aforementioned he would wish to extend friendly relationship with Shefali.

Arti aforementioned she would really like initiate love with Rashami. Rashami aforementioned she would really like to initiate friendly relationship with Asim and Asim said he would like to start staying faraway from Paras. Paras aforementioned he would really like to initiate creating Asim his chela. Bhau aforementioned he would really like to start out fighting over petty problems with Shehnaaz.

Mahira aforementioned she would really like to initiate enmity with Vishal. Vishal aforementioned Sidharth has already started choosing fights over petty problems and he would really like to try to to constant with Sidharth. Himanshi aforementioned she would really like to initiate love with Shefali whereas Shefali said she would like to start out staying faraway from Paras. Devoleena aforementioned she would really like to start out creating a chela out of Arti.

Later, Salman aforementioned that Devoleena can need to leave the house because the doctors have suggested bed rest for her. Salman aforementioned, “Ye umeedd karenge ki aap jaldi se theek atomic number 67 jao aur wapas se ghar Pine Tree State aajao. (We hope you may retrieve presently and come back to the show).”

Soon once the announcement, Rashami began crying and Devoleena asked to lie for 5 minutes. once she settled on a couch, she command Rashami’s hand and suggested everybody to remain safe. Asked to sing a song, she crooned Ye Dosti and started crying, caressing Rashami.

After Devoleena left, Rashami cried unconsolably and Asim, Vishal and Arti console her.